Lenovo Unveils New ‘Smartband,’ Joins Wearable Tech Race

LenovoUnveils #Smartband – Lenovo is the latest tech company to jump into the already saturated wearables market. The manufacturer has quietly added a new fitness wristband tracker, called the Lenovo Smartband, to its website. The Smartband – which comes in blue or orange, and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices – enables…

How to ask for a salary raise, and get it too

Most people rightly disagreed. Here’s how to give your ‘karma’ a hard nudge and ensure a salary hike. Pull your weight to make sure that the goals of your team and boss are met because the quantum of pay hike will depend on how well you, your team and company perform.

Guess the internet speed at Prime Minister’s Office?

While an average internet connection speed in India is 2Mbps (megabytes per second), that of the PMO is 34Mbps, an RTI application has revealed. The PMO has also refused to divulge the number of computers at the PMO which have been hacked in the last five years.

Buying Gold on Dhanteras? 10 Things to Know

Here is a 10-point cheat-sheet to understand how gold prices could be impacted. The value of dollar is also a key determinant of commodity prices like gold and oil, which are denominated in the greenback. A lowering in import duty could bring down the domestic prices of gold.

Britain threatens internet trolls with two years in jail

Justice secretary Chris Grayling told Mail on Sunday newspaper: “This is a law to combat cruelty — and marks our determination to take a stand against a baying cybermob.” “There is a public interest in having people put away for a long time. It is putting someone in fear of their life and fear of…

Could your bank be the next victim of a cyber attack?

Ask someone to picture a bank heist, and they are likely to imagine thugs in balaclavas, bursting through glass doors and brandishing weapons, and hostages cowering on the floor. If over-exuberance and risky lending has been the biggest threat to the sector in the last 10 years, the major worry over the next decade is…